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PRESS RELEASE: Law Enforcement Leaders Express Support for Immigrant Communities Amid Fear

Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force   Press Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 50 local law enforcement leaders have posted an open letter to immigrant communities underscoring their commitment to serving all community members.

In the letter, also posted in Spanish, signatories highlight the importance of community trust in maintaining public safety, and the importance of a strong relationship between law enforcement and immigrant communities.

“We know that many immigrants in our communities are afraid. We are here to serve all communities,” they write. “ … When you feel safe and comfortable reaching out to us, we can keep everyone safer. … We cooperate with federal law enforcement to respond to threats in our communities — when our safety is at stake. But immigration enforcement is, first and foremost, a federal responsibility. We want to focus our limited state and local resources on threats to public safety and security.

“Your trust is paramount to state and local law enforcement’s ability to maintain public safety. Please continue to call on us. We are here to serve everyone who lives here and committed to keeping everyone safe.”

The full letter with signatories is available here (Spanish version here).


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