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Path to Public Safety

Backgrounder: Jurisdictions Permitting LPR Hiring

Backgrounder: Jurisdictions Permitting LPR Hiring To download a PDF version, click here. Police departments and sheriff’s offices across the United States continue to struggle to find qualified candidates to serve as officers. While most jurisdictions require that law enforcement officer candidates be U.S. citizens, a growing number have removed citizenship as a requirement for candidates, […]

Aug 17

Comparison of the Obama, Trump, and Biden Administration Immigration Enforcement Priorities

For a PDF version, click here. 10/27/21 update: On September 30, DHS released Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law, new immigration enforcement priorities that emphasize the use of prosecutorial discretion to seek targeted enforcement. For updated information on these priorities from the Biden administration, please click here. Introduction Over the past decade, the […]

Apr 22

Fact Sheet: Warrant Service Officer (WSO) Program

FACT SHEET: Warrant Service Officer (WSO) Program   What is the WSO program? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced the launch of the Warrant Service Officer (WSO) program on May 6, 2019. ICE called the WSO program “a new collaborative program intended for local law-enforcement that wish to honor immigration detainers but are prohibited […]

Jun 04

Profiles: Immigrants in Law Enforcement Contributing to Public Safety

INTRODUCTION While immigrants are part of the communities we serve, they are also fellow officers and colleagues working alongside us. We decided to publish these profiles of immigrants working with us to protect our communities and promote public safety to highlight some of the men and women on whom we rely to help America be […]

Jun 29

Fact Sheet: Immigrants and Crime

FACT SHEET: Immigrants and Crime   Introduction The issue of public safety and immigration is of keen interest to law enforcement officials. Recent public discourse has raised questions: Are immigrants, particularly undocumented immigrants, more prone to commit crime? Will public safety will be improved through tougher immigration enforcement? This brief provides an overview of crimes […]

Jun 26

Fact Sheet: Immigrant Youth and MS-13

FACT SHEET: Immigrant Youth and MS-13   MS-13 has its roots in the U.S.   Many young immigrants who fled Central America because of ongoing civil wars in the 1980s arrived in Los Angeles. They found that local American street gangs dominated the scene. They reacted by forming a gang of their own, which became […]

Dec 12

Background on Local Law Enforcement’s Role in Immigration Enforcement – § 287(g) Agreements

FORUM POLICY National Immigration Forum   Introduction Congress created the 287(g) program in 1996 to increase federal immigration enforcement capacity. Voluntary agreements under Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) enlist and authorize state and local law enforcement personnel to carry out immigration enforcement actions. Under 287(g), a local jurisdiction may enter into […]

Sep 08

Background on ‘Sanctuary Jurisdictions’ – 8 U.S.C. § 1373

LAURENCE BENENSON Assistant Director for Policy & Advocacy National Immigration Forum   Introduction No formal, legal definition of the term “sanctuary jurisdiction” exists in the U.S. Code or under federal regulations. Some define “sanctuary jurisdiction” as one that fails to cooperate with the federal government as required by a once-obscure provision of the Immigration and […]

Sep 08

Ability to Hire LPRs Would Help Local Law Enforcement

Permission Would Bolster Recruitment, Diversity

Jun 16

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Legal Questions Around Immigration Detainers

LAURENCE BENENSON Assistant Director for Policy & Advocacy National Immigration Forum   Click here to read the white paper, “A Path to Public Safety: The Legal Questions around Immigration Detainers.”   So-called sanctuary jurisdictions have caused great controversy. Lost amid the debate is the fact that, whatever their approach toward immigrants, most state and local law […]

Feb 27