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Inventory of Promising Practices and Programs for Immigrant and Refugee Outreach

Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force   Focus Point

The LEITF and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) have put together a resource inventory of promising practices and programs for immigrant and refugee outreach.  The list of programs includes brief summaries and contact information for agency personnel who can provide further details about the programs.

The programs have been organized by the following topics:

National Programs
Community Academy Models
Community Advisory Board Models
Community Education and Training for Immigrants and Refugees
Community Outreach – General Programs
Cultural Competency Training for Officers
Interagency Collaboration
Liaison Officers
Multilingual Outreach Programs
Providing Direct Services
Recruiting and Hiring from the Immigrant Community
Youth Engagement

Next to each program description, you can find the agency (or agencies) that have that program, and a point of contact (POC) for you to consult if you would like more information regarding their programs.

PERF is hosting the inventory on their website and will update it as we hear of new programs.

You can find the inventory linked here.

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