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PRESS RELEASE: Afghan Refugees Welcome in our Communities

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Law enforcement leaders across the country have joined a growing group of bipartisan lawmakers, faith leaders, and communities nationwide voicing their commitment to welcoming Afghan refugees.

Following the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and mounting threats from the Taliban, thousands of Afghan allies and their families are seeking safety abroad, including in the U.S. Refugees and other Afghans coming to the U.S. undergo a thorough vetting process before arriving in the communities where they are resettled.

The following are quotes from police chiefs across the country:


Chief Andy Harvey, Pharr, Texas:

“As law enforcement, we are committed to protecting all members of our communities, including immigrants and refugees. Given the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, our communities must provide a safe and welcoming environment to arriving Afghan refugees. This is about human decency and public safety, not one or the other.”


Chief Orlando Rolón, Orlando, Florida:

“Many Afghan refugees assisted allied forces and have passed through a vetting process to address the threat to public safety. Refugees are often forced to leave their home countries when there is a significant threat for basic human rights as we know them.  By working together to welcome and build trust with these newcomers, we can in fact make our communities safer.”


Chief Michael Tupper, Marshalltown, Iowa:

“Disgraceful rumors that unvetted Afghan refugees are seeking to resettle in the United States are completely false and designed to sow fear in our communities. Our allies in Afghanistan risked their lives working alongside American troops in pursuit of a free and democratic Afghanistan. We owe them our gratitude and a warm welcome.”


Chief Eric Young, Ogden, Utah:

“I, the State of Utah and the City of Ogden welcome Afghan refugees.  These men, women and their children have demonstrated the most noble of American values in bravery, selflessness and courage.  These allies bring hope for a new life through hard work and contribution to our communities.  They will make all of us better by their presence here.”

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