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Letter to the Editor: Aiding ICE

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By Sheriff Garry McFadden (Mecklenburg County, NC)

Gov. Roy Cooper was right to veto the bill that forced N.C. sheriffs to work with ICE.

Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. When police chiefs and sheriffs are forced to step in, trust among our communities erodes. My community is safer when all members are able to assist law enforcement with investigations and report crimes without fear of repercussions as severe as deportation.

Forcing sheriffs to honor ICE “detainers” also risks running afoul of the Constitution. Once someone completes a sentence or makes bond, law enforcement agencies have limited authority to detain that person for immigration purposes — and could face civil liability.

North Carolina sheriffs do work with ICE, as state law requires. Cooper’s veto supports safe communities, responsible government, and keeping immigration enforcement where it belongs.

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