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PRESS RELEASE: Safety, Security Depend on Community Trust in Law Enforcement

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Washington D.C. — As Texas law SB 4 remains held up in court, leaders of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force (LEITF) in Texas and elsewhere are expressing concerns about the law and underscoring their commitment to community trust and safety.

“We understand this law is a cause for concern for some in our community. The Dallas Police Department understands these concerns and will continue to enforce the existing state law that prohibits racial profiling,” said Eddie García, Dallas Chief of Police.

The SB 4 court battle could shape the future of similar bills discussed in other states. Local LEITF leaders have raised their concerns on this matter. “It just seems like something that is being sold to us as a solution that’s just going to make things worse for us here locally,” said Chief Michael Tupper of the Marshalltown Police Department in Iowa. “And we need comprehensive immigration reform in this country, but it has to be done in Washington, D.C.”

“Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. By being vocal about their concerns on SB 4 and similar laws, law enforcement leaders are defending the hard-won trust of their communities, which keeps all of us safer,” said Jennie Murray, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum.

“Contrary to SB 4 and similar efforts, these leaders’ responses are in keeping with principles for border and immigration solutions. Republicans and Democrats in Congress should work together on unified, federal solutions. Preserving federal leadership is part of the equation.”

Other Texas LEITF members’ comments include the following:

– Sheriff Javier Salazar, Bexar County (Josh Peck, Texas Public Radio | Devan Cole and John Fritze, CNN | Edgar Sandoval, The New York Times).

– Chief Neil Noakes, Fort Worth (Harrison Mantas, Fort Worth Star-Telegram).

– Sheriff Eddie Guerra, Hidalgo County (Lindsay Whitehurst, Associated Press).


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