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Law Enforcement Leaders to Congress: Help Us Promote Safety, Trust

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Police chiefs and sheriffs are speaking out today about legislation that would undermine their ability to ensure public safety and work with immigrant communities. 

With the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” likely to come up for a vote before the full House on Thursday, more than 30 members of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force sent members of Congress a letter today to express their concerns with legislation that would target so-called sanctuary cities.

“As law enforcement leaders dedicated to preserving the safety and security of our communities, we have concerns about legislative proposals that would attempt to impose punitive, ‘one-size-fits-all’ policies on state and local law enforcement,” the letter begins.

Sheriffs from Florida and Texas also spoke on a press call today.

“We’re looking at neighborhoods that now because of their fear will not report crime. So what’s going to happen there? They will be the prey for others,” said Sheriff Lupe Valdez of Dallas County, Texas. “We need to stop people taking advantage of people who are afraid to report crimes.”

“The federal government shouldn’t be coming into our communities and telling us how to police,” said Sheriff Michael Chitwood of Volusia County, Florida. “Congress punted this away for years and years, and now they’re telling us that if we don’t do their jobs, they’re going to take funding away from us, those same federal funds that help me combat violent crime in my community.”


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